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Château du Lac

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Following the best-selling duo of A PLACE IN THE SUN and SEASONS, this third story of the Grape growers of Provence introduces a most intriguing set of captivating characters and highlights the growing friendship between the Miners of Château Du Lac and the Browns of Château St Etienne. The story follows the establishment of the new clothing business that grows from April Miner’s association with the rag trade. Meanwhile the establishment of the wines from the estate commences. And Peter Miner makes his name in his trade of woodcarving. Life is carried on against the background of the families in the vine growing area. However, all is not roses. Our friends find themselves in battle for survival among the criminal elements in the area as the Russian Mafia joust with the local French Mafia as they try to establish their credentials. Meanwhile the lives and loves of the families and friends within the area carry on regardless. And the rapidly ripening grapes will wait for no man.

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