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Giving, Wings To My Dreams

45 pages38 minutes


Do you want to create a peaceful, content, principled, loving, caring, compassionate, confident, energetic, helping, fearless and serene world? Do you want to leave a beautiful legacy? This book will help you. Do you want to overcome addiction? Do you want to escape fears and doubts to fly away and live your dreams? This book is for you.

It is possible to let go of your fears, doubts and limiting desires. It is possible to find your dream profession. It is possible to break the shackles of old habits. It is possible to create new ones that define your character. It is possible to create a new world, live in it and share it with others. It is possible to realise your true potential. It is possible to experience peace. It is possible to live a fruit giving life. It is possible to become beautiful butterflies and give wings to your wonderful dreams. This book will show you how.

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