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Everyday Encouragement: Timeless Truths for Today Volume 1 Transcriptions Podcast Episodes 1-28

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Everyday Encouragement: Timeless Truths for Today is a weekly podcast that in 20 or minutes or less, provides Bible-based "snippets of encouragement" to today's busy listeners. Transcripts of the podcast's first 28 episodes have been reformatted for this e-book.

The author, Jennye Guy, has always enjoyed taking the Bible's people, circumstances, and narratives and transforming them into current conditions and stories to show their relevance to us and our situations today. While technologies, systems, establishments, and cultures have changed over the centuries, people have not. And what seems new is old.
For example, siblings and families still fight today, sometimes with disastrous results. Just ask Cain and his brother Abel. Their sibling rivalry led to the first crime. Ask King David how he handled a rebellion against him from one of his sons. Despite warnings to become economically prepared, sometimes wives today still become widows and are left to fend for themselves. Naomi and her daughter-in-law Ruth can tell us all about that scenario.
Jennye used to entertain coworkers and friends with her interpretations whenever they mentioned a challenging circumstance that seemed to be similar to a struggle of someone in the Bible. Nothing was written or recorded at the time as publishing was the last thing on her mind. What was present, and always stood out, was that in each situation shared with her there was a situation in the Bible that paralleled: Something old to encourage someone new. And it was in these moments that the seeds for the Everyday Encouragement podcast were planted.

Hopefully, readers will hear their own voices as they read and consider applying the ideas in these podcast transcriptions in their daily devotion or meditation time.

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