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Who I Am In Christ

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Would you like to change the rest of your life? Do you want your pain and anxiety to be healed? Do you want to maximize your relationship with Jesus Christ? Then consider what our Heavenly Father thinks about you. He has revealed these thoughts in the Bible.

As you personalize God’s thoughts about what it means for you to be “in Christ”, the devil will lose his influence over you. He will no longer be able to deceive, confuse, and weaken you as before. You will overcome dark thoughts and receive power from the Holy Spirit to live out who you are in Christ. You will realize that much of the pain in your life has been compounded by lies that you once believed and lived out of. When those lies are exposed and replaced by Truth, deep wounds will heal.

Some have read through this booklet in one sitting, pushing through thoughts that said, “I don’t need this right now. I’ll get back to it later.” They persisted, personalizing each statement by inserting their name. For example, “I (name) am the salt of the earth.” As they repeated each declaration aloud daily for a week, they found themselves bonding with the God who loved them more than they had ever imagined. Others have personalized these revelations gradually, one per day.

Try it! You may be surprised at how much God becomes real to you as you read and agree with what He already says about you. You will come to know how deeply and thoroughly you are loved. Then watch the rippling effect of the Truth as you share with others. Together the members of Christ’s body, His Church, will become the pure and victorious co-workers God wants to use to spread His Kingdom throughout the world.

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