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One Night On A Mountain

438 pages7 hours


Pete and Jessica’s home is a remote mountain cottage. Pete arrives home; Jessica, dishevelled, stands next to a huge stranger. Pete, misreading the scene, shoots the man.

Escaped convict, Jacob Rawlings, was attacking Jesse when the alien giant, Aamtuc, intervened. The stranger had beaten Rawlings, then flung him into the undergrowth.

In the morning, Pete finds no bodies. Footprints lead to the woods. He finds a crashed spacecraft. Inside, Rawlings, frantically attempting repairs, convinces Pete that despite the appearance, he is speaking from the mind of Aamtuc and that when his rescue ship arrived, they were wrestling violently.

Identified by body mass, Aamtuc was retrieved. But, due to a molecule scrambler malfunction, he now, apparently, had parts of Rawlings' mind and vice-versa.

Caught in the fallout, as the ship explodes on take-off, Pete absorbs telepathic brain shards. Pete’s son, Caleb, inherits the curse.

Fantastic encounters ensue in their determined quest to regain their own complete identities.

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