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Scales of Darkness: The Tharon Trace Mysteries, #2

Length: 426 pages5 hours


Someone is trying to abduct Tharon Trace and every attempt puts someone she loves in danger. As the Second Civil War drags on, Tharon and her friends must grow up quickly as they step in to perform the work left by their family members who are away fighting.

Tharon's father Tom continues to tutor her in survival and self-defense skills whenever he's home on leave. He reveals the secrets of his family to Sheriff Dana Ellis who agrees to keep his secrets and watch over Tharon and his family while he's gone.

Every attack on Tharon endangers her friends and family. She'll find out who's behind the attempts to abduct her, even if she must sacrifice herself to end the danger.

Helm Harris and Kaid Walker and her other friends who know Tharon's heart and are determined to protect her from herself. Will one of them pay the ultimate sacrifice to save her?

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