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Understanding Ketosis: Your Definitive Guide To Living The Keto Lifestle

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Regardless of what your reasons are for following the ketogenic diet, starting is never as easy as you may think. The ketogenic diet is emerging as one of the most popular diets for health and weight loss. No other diet has the same tremendous benefits for health concerns, ranging from cancer to obesity and Alzheimer's disease to type 2 diabetes-not to mention its positive effects on athletic performance.

In Understanding Ketosis, Gretchen Ramos offers a comprehensive look at everything you ever wanted to know about the ketogenic diets. Her approach is based on scientific research, her personal testimony on how she lost weight from 220 pounds to a slim-fit size for two months. Haven't worked in the medical field for twenty years, she has successfully helped people to be in ketosis. The most common concerns, questions, practical tips and advice for following ketogenic diet has been dealt with in this book.

Here is a preview of this book:

•What to eat on the ketogenic diet
•Ways To Determine Your Personal Keto Diet Formula
•Practical steps to get started with ketogenic diet
•What kind of carbohydrate is good or bad
•Scientific research on ketosis
•Eating protein: good or bad
•Success stories on ketogenic diet
•Reasons you are not losing weight on the ketogenic diet
•Benefits of the ketogenic diet
•Much, much, more!

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