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Kyrelius Rising

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Having waited more than five hundred years, Constantine knows the final chapter of his life is at hand. In accordance with the Book of Prophecy, he has come west to seek two very special young men, without whom the war against the ancient enemy will be lost, once and for all. Now that he’s found them, he must convince the pair to make the journey east and be part of a fight they are unlikely to survive. On the way, he must hope that his young charges discover their true nature and become what they are destined to be. His faith will be sorely tested, because right now...they are hopeless!
Upon the eastward road, they will be watched, pursued and harried by the enemy. They will face peril, the likes of which they had never dreamed, let alone prepared for, but, as every blade smith knows, the strongest steel is forged in fire. In the midst of danger, they will find help from unexpected quarters and with the passing miles, the two unlikely soldiers begin to realise there is more to them than they would ever have believed. It is also clear that they are inextricably intertwined in a battle for far more than their own lives.
As the enemy reveals his hand and readies to cast his final hammer-blow, the companions find that the dangers of their journey were no more than gentle preparation for what is to come. Amidst the tumult of war, they must join a secret undertaking to infiltrate the stronghold of evil and confront its greatest exponent at the very heart of his power. If they are to succeed, they will need to be everything that the Prophet foretold, for if they are found wanting, there will be no next chapter, for them, or for anyone else.

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