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Two Knights Pray The 12 & 12: by Applying K of C Principles, and AA's 11th Step to Enabling and Addictive Behaviors

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Our K of C principles of charity, unity & fraternity match 12 Step programs that battle enabling and addictive behaviors. The Church asks us to take a prayerful approach to Scripture as it affects our actions. Our charity work sensitizes us to those with addictive behavior. Our unity in fraternity shows the way to help one another; Fr. McGivney so formed our Knighthood to provide such family aid. Open as we are to solving problems in a group, as exists in 12 Step Groups, we 2 Knights of the 3rd & 4th Orders manifest this team work. Such addictions include gambling, overeating, spending, alcoholism, drugs & sex addiction. However, the more recent work-a-holism & computer addiction may be more prevalent among us, as we struggle to balance our obligations to family, work and apostolates as knights? And haven’t computers & smart phones damaged interpersonal relationships? Thus we urge you: each day read a K of C Principle, 12 or 12.

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