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Alien Dimensions: Science Fiction Short Stories Anthology Series #15

Length: 158 pages2 hours


Alien Dimensions is a science fiction short stories anthology series featuring amazing indie and established authors from around the world.

Previous issues have featured stories about extraterrestrials, clones, robots and androids, invasion and colonization, cyberpunk and space opera, first contact, genetic manipulation, starship exploration and more.

Alien Dimensions is always on the look out for stories that make you think, that give you a new idea or concept, or written in a way that will get you scratching your head and saying WTF? From seriousness to humorous, high octane to slow burn, from back-story heavy to present tense dialogue-driven adventures, Alien Dimensions explores the boundaries of the future.

Enjoy a much more alien experience with Alien Dimensions.

In this issue:

The Mnemosynian Trap by Mike Adamson

Excerpt: Stellar Flash Alien Frequency

Talons of Bravalia Three by Arthur Davis

Excerpt: Sea of Mammals

Earth 23 by Lava Payne

Silverfly City by Michael T. Best

Dreams Arising from Accelerated Frequencies by Regina Clarke

From all the Winters Past by Regina Clarke

Excerpt: Gene Pool

Gravity Locked by Neil A. Hogan

Home by Francis W. Alexander

Ad: Outside In Makes It So

The Great Debate About Earth by Jack Zakour

The War That Wasn't by Isaac Teile

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