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Into the Night

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Capzen an eighteen year old alien sneaks into a night club taking over the
decks. Accidentally exposing his three fingers which starts a riot, through
which he has to fight his way out of in his escape from the nightclub
before being arrested and having an argument with person who collects
him from police station.
On his eighteenth birthday a party is thrown for him and wishes he knew
what happened to his blood parents later that night two visitors of his kind
turn up asking to adopt him, take him back to his planet of origin. After a
hard thought and a minor confrontation. He accepts and starts his journey
back to the planet, flying in a space ship for the first time. Through the
journey he builds bonds with the two visitors of his kind.
Arriving upon the planet he is taken to the settlement in which he settles
into one of their homes. Learning of trouble and getting into a number of
scrapes of miss understandings and embarrassing accidents and meeting
the first girl of his kind.
Over a meal in a hostile atmosphere Capzen learns of suspicious
activities. Trying to escape he injures himself forcing him to stay. After a
date with girl he has party, and goes in search of answers, getting attacked,
hurt and caught. Then he is sent to spy on the person who brought him

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