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The Follower: An Indestructible Hero Fights for His Country

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The Follower is Axel Tressler, an indestructible hero. It tells the tale of how an accident at birth led to his becoming a force to be feared and admired. He is the younger of twin brothers who were born after their mother survives an airplane crash. His brother Adam is born next to the wreckage but Axel is not born until three days later. There appears to be nothing different about them; however as Axel reaches puberty, he and his mother recognize that he has unusual strength.

In college, Axel majors in biology, studies to become a doctor and earns his degree. While teaching at the university he develops a computer chip that doesn't require a keyboard or monitor and works by vocal recognition. This is placed in his body and allows him to call up various levels of his internal strength.

Eventually the government agency his twin brother works for is able to use his strength and technical capabilities to render him indestructible. His indestructibility is created by providing him a body coating that is transparent; made of spider webbing and titanium nanotubes; it can withstand the impact of bullets. Axel becomes the driving force behind several major operations for the agency involving terrorists, espionage, and the drug cartel in Mexico.

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