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Friendship with Thought

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You like me want to be happy and to share your happiness with your loved ones. The natural laws and principles in this book are powerful for bringing about personal changes and at the same time easy to understand and easy to apply.

This Book is about a new way of thinking which is call Friendship with thought. The book contains life changing information. Because our feelings follow our thoughts this way of thinking puts you in the driving seat. It puts you in control of your feelings and in every situation you are, in. The book is direct and easy to understand. I have deliberately kept the paragraphs in small digestible bits so reading becomes easier.

In this book, you will find some new strange ways of thinking. At first, this may be frightening to you in a wonderful way. That is because as humans we are naturally cautious about the unknown. People usually stick to what they know even if it causes them pain. To change from pain to happiness you must change even if this may be fearful at the beginning. As you start to see clearly, you will become confident and fearless. Also included in this book is what, is call the Breath method. You can use The Breath method to install and program in you whatever you choose to be and do.

he principle of Friendship with Thought as explained in the book is simple to understand and easy to apply in your life. It is so simple; keep it that way you can waste a lot of time making it more difficult. It will take a little effort to remind your-self of this principle however, that effort is well worth it. The knowledge contain in these pages has the wonderful, amazing power to enable you to do and have anything and everything you want and choose. This is not your everyday thinking you may be shocked. However when you get over your shock you will be amazed. You may at last realize that this is what you have been looking for all your life. Your power is in your thought.

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