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Dr. Vermeij's Conch Quest

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This unique book focuses on the fascinating study of molluscs by a world renowned scientist who has been blind since childhood. While exploring the colorful and exciting world of these creatures, readers also learn about how Dr. Geerat Vermeij grew to become a MacArthur and Guggenheim fellowship award winner for his valuable scientific work. This was accomplished without sight and through the use of touch, a questioning mind, Braille, and teachers and family members who recognized his potential and encouraged his curiosity. This book takes young readers into the exciting world of purple sailor snails that float on rafts of bubbles they create and 500 pound clams that a child could fit in. Along the way, young readers will learn how Dr. Vermeij became interested in fossils, and how he traveled the world to exotic places to explore and answer questions about how life works and how and why animals have changed over time..

Although this book features the accomplishments of Dr. Vermiej in a manner that will inspire some children, it is notable for its beautiful photographs and scientific content that will appeal to young students. It includes interesting facts about molluscs and how they have developed and some of their surprising scientific names (such as Ba humbugi and Abra cadabra !).

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