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Faithful Defender: Aelterna Online, #2

364 pages5 hours


He's found his new home. Now he has to defend it.
Denel's goddess has granted him the title of Paladin, and with it, the responsibility of protecting the people of his village, both reptilian and otherwise. The threats facing the faithful of Goddess Watch are numerous, and the last thing Denel wants to do is sit and wait for the enemy to come to him. Isolated and far from player civilization, Denel must forge bonds and friendships with races that view his friends as nothing more than monsters to be culled. Unbeknownst to him, he's no longer the only digital resident of Aelterna Online, and the newcomers are out to destroy everything he's worked to create! What he's become is more than the system is prepared to accept; what will he be forced to do to survive?

The exciting sequel to Goddess Watch and the second book in the Aelterna Online series, Faithful Defender has everything you're looking for in a litrpg/gamelit novel: action, adventure, dungeons, deities, monsters, magic, and more. Join Denel's adventure as he faces the forces that seek to destroy the people who accepted him when he was lost completely, and watch as he fights with everything he has to defend those important to him.

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