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Khalabari: A Night in the Graveyard

64 pages51 minutes


Ever since his miraculous recovery, Tola has found it difficult to expunge the memory of that dreary night from his mind. It might sound crazy, yet, it is true. Moa Town, this Monrovian suburb has no comparison; she is simply in a world of her own. She is like a mystery. This book throws light on its very existence.
In this classic, Tola tried to recall his encounter with the living dead, an experience that took him through different states of anxiety, disorientation, and exhaustion, painful exhilaration, and thrilling misadventures.
Looming with evil and desperation, he must fight his way out from the place or face the inevitable. 'Khalabari: A night in the Graveyard' will probably have much of the same effect or grip on you.

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