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The Psychian Chronicles: Book One: the Kimoshiran Form

148 pages3 hours


After humanity is wiped from the face of the Earth, a new, evolved race takes over. The Psychians, a fresh breed of human design and mistakes, struggle to survive as they wait for human forces to wage war. The Psychians have just one chance leftthe legendary Triple Psychian, whose power compares to none. Everyone knows that, in the end, only the last one standing will be victorious.

Shinruga Deshreneto is in training to become a Psychian Warrior. As the war looms in the distance, Shinruga fights to save his friends and family with a sword created from a shard of the Triple Psychians blade. But Shinruga knows that the shard is a gift that comes with a powerful responsibility to fulfill. As he attempts to become the new Triple Psychian and save his people from human forces determined to destroy everything in their path, Shinruga wonders what will happen if he fails.

In this action-packed fantasy tale, one man risks his own existence in a courageous attempt to save his people from annihilation.

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