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Exorcism of the Demon Child: African Ndoki

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Witches are said to openly roam the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Most notably, they take the form of children, a form known as ndoki. For fear of evil tidings, thousands of children between the ages of five and eighteen are mercilessly expelled into the streets by family members. Many of them end up at the Kinshasa Childrens Home, where they receive help and psychological assistance from Dr. Isabella Sanders.

Young Koffi could quite easily become one of these displaced children. Strange happenings surround the twelve-year-old. Every night, at precisely three in the morning, Koffi wanders out of bed and into the family living room. The next morning, he is found tightly clutching an upside-down crucifix. There is no sensible explanation, so his father seeks guidance from the local priest, at the behest of Koffis stepmother, Kanzabut Kanza is not what she appears to be.

Due to the stubborn streak of Ndoki Koffi is said to possess; his adversaries subject him to two forms of exorcism. Dr. Sanders cares for the children of Kinshasa, and she will fight for the innocent for she does not believe in witches or wicked spells. However, that is her opinion. Koffis power demon leads to a bazaar equatorial rainforest exorcism, could this be his demise?

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