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Kiss: The Keep-It-Simple Way We Create Ourselves

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From the moment of birth, and perhaps before, we gather experiences. Our experiences define us and make us who we are. They are good or bad, ones we want to remember and ones we never wish to repeat. Through them, we grow and evolve, developing our abilities to be active and to feel and think. We take all this as a given, never questioning how it happenshow we create experience.

KISSa well-known acronym that stands for keep it simple, stupidexplores how we, as sentient beings, create ourselves. Our starting point is everything we personally and collectively inherit, including our physical makeup, nationality, culture, and knowledge. We also have the ability to accept, develop, or change our inheritance as we evolve, but we can only do this through an understanding of how our ongoing creations, including ourselves, arise out of sensing. Just as we take in air, food, and water to create and maintain healthy physical bodies, we take in our world through our senses. This is how we become aware, vibrant beings.

As humans, we have greater powers and abilities to create experience beyond just materialistic assessment. We are much more than our bodies. We have the ability to create conscious superior beings for the benefit of all so long as we understand how to do so, and this study explores the way.

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