The Almighty Most High God and His Word: Part 2

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The Almighty Most High God and His Word: Part 2

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The Bible is replete with fundamental knowledge about life that cannot be discovered by research and analysis--only by revelation from the Creator of all that exists.

The Almighty Most High God and His Word was written to draw your attention to some of the precious truths that will answer many of lifes puzzling questions. As you continue into Part 2 of the book, you will discover more of what is recorded in the Bible about the following:

The life of Ishmael and Israel descendants of Abraham, The origin of the church, Prophetic statements about the near and distant future, And much more. You will be enlightened.

The author, a native of the Caribbean, is a devoted follower of the Almighty Most High God and has been reading the Bible for over fifty years. The purpose of writing this book is to help people recognize and appreciate the validity of the Bible and its relevance to all mankind.

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