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Witches of Venus: The Elemental Illumination: Witches of Venus, #3

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Five people have a gift, the power of an element; Fire, Air, Water, Earth and the fifth element of Spirit. They must remain united so to save the human race from mass destruction.

In 1348, the Black Death swept through Europe killing millions of people. A sorcerer with the power of the Egyptian god, Khepri created the plague to have power over the human race. A beautiful sorceress banished him before Death could reach the entire earth.

In the present, a child with the special gift of all five elementals unconsciously brings back the sorcerer who again attempts to finish what he began centuries ago, to bring back the Black Plague for world-wide domination.

The only way to stop the spread of death now, is that all the elementals must work together as one to rid the world once again of the malevolent sorcery that is trying to take control of all humans.

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