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Echoes In Empty Cranium

Length: 99 pages53 minutes


The use of you, me, I, man, men, He, Him is for convenience.
Activists for gender neutral words and feminist please don't bristle!


I do not want the world to be mine.
I just want a world of mine.

In my world, a wish is "Wishing you all the health, wealth, happiness and joy, peace and contentment". These are all that is needed for a janitor to CEO, for a hermit to a fighter pilot. The book deals with living, emotions, about life, about the system. How things are, the way life goes about. It talks about pain, suffering, excess, vagaries of a man-made system, hope, anguish, and suggestions.

It can be categorized as one derived from a potpourri of contemporary philosophy/thinking, sociology, psychology, transformational and inspirational work.

It can be called as "Thoughts on various subjects"- due respect to Jonathan Swift.

I hope you enjoy the book and find it interesting and intriguing.

Take care and have fun.

S. Mathan.

> I don’t believe in man-made gods. The usage of god in my book is just a figure of speech. So is going down on the knees and praying and reference to a thing called a soul.

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