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Between Two Doors: Borderline, #1

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Between Two Doors: Borderline, #1

Length: 301 pages2 hours


Two lifetimes, two parallel realities—based on one true story.

WINNER: Pinnacle Book Achievement Award, Summer 2019 - Best Women's Fiction

A young Scandinavian woman fights her way through depression, following the paths that stem from a decision that might lead to despair, or salvation. One reality takes place in America, one in Finland. The two fast-paced stories intertwine perfectly and are filled with dark humor, the quirks of two different cultures, unlikely friendships, equestrian settings, and relatable characters.

Author C.M. Martens says: "Gripping and heart-wrenching and perfectly paced. Taya DeVere understands 'trust the reader.' She pulls us along with perfectly factored information without bogging us down in descriptive histories that would only stall the pace of the novel. I was forced to slow myself down to not flip pages too quickly and ruin the story. I just wanted to know what was going to happen!"

EVOLVED PUBLISHING PRESENTS the first book in the "Borderline" series, offering a compelling story of one woman's journey back from the edge of despair—two tales, of two parallel realities, based on one true story. [DRM-Free]

"Borderline" Series by Taya DeVere:

Book 1 - Between Two Doors Book 2 - Down Two Paths Book 3 - Around Two Corners

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