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Captain Collier and the Moon

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Commerce Drives Innovation - There is earnest research and speculation within our civilization that the moon may be hollow. This book does not debate the issue, but presents a fictional story of the moon orbiting our earth planet.
Adnon Collier, a Dora inter trader, constructed a massive container ship to house his extensive collection of interstellar alien transports, yachts, and battleships. Intentionally shaped to aid the biosphere of a blue-water world, Adnon’s moon ship resembles a naturally-occurring planetary body in space. Aboard this massive container are hotels and services to help a fleeing civilization. The Lucien, bowing to an ancient prophecy that becomes reality, flee the volcanic destruction of their homeworld. This moon is one avenue of escape for a people struggling to save their lives.
Adnon Collier is neither a saint nor sinner, but he will get involved. The Dora are an honorable people, and that honor will be testing along the path to the new world.
A story written for all ages.

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