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Things Every American Should Know: Volume 1

108 pages


THINGS EVERY AMERICAN SHOULD KNOW is a great book for all Americans. Whether learning for the first time or just refreshing your memory. There are 20 questions, with answers, eye-popping pictures, some brief background info and a quick fun challenge. You can learn so much, in a fun, easy way, with this amazing nonfiction coffee table book. FLIP THROUGH REALLY QUICKLY and see if you know any of the answers. It is amazing how much we think we know, but when put to the test, realize we don’t. There are wide ranging questions, from history, space, government, to your personal credit score, renewable energy, the periodic table, atoms and a lot more. Most books are a lot about 1 thing. This is a little about a lot of things. Greatly increase your knowledge about important topics and be confident when discussing them in everyday conversation!

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