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Dragon with a Deadly Weapon: Book Ten of 'Fantasy & Forensics': Fantasy & Forensics, #10

415 pages6 hours


C.S. Lewis meets CSI…when Amazon Bestselling author Michael Angel presents the tenth installment in the 'Fantasy & Forensics' series.

Dayna Chrissie faces her most perplexing case to date. When a lone gunman attacks Crossbow Consulting's corporate headquarters, Dayna's got a multiple homicide on her hands. But one discovery makes this crime truly remarkable.  Immediately after the shooting, the murderer's vanished into thin air!

Time's running out for both worlds. Dayna's desperate to bring King Fitzwilliam back to his throne.  She's also got to confront the Deliberati over their mysterious withdrawal to the Everwinter Glade.  And most important of all, she must face the prophecy that says the creature who sleeps in the Scarlet Crypt shall end her.

Those who serve the Dark make their final all-or-nothing strike. Dayna's investigation crosses back into Andeluvia as the appearance of a legendary Dragon Knight threatens to undo all her work.  The last pieces of prophecy fall into place as the final attack upon Dayna and her friends threatens to destroy the entire kingdom in a single blow!

The land of Andeluvia faces the ultimate catastrophe unless Dame Chrissie stands fast until the very end!

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