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The Dust Solution: The Humanity Protocol

405 pages5 hours


The Humanity Protocol is a science fiction series that assumes a future where a wireless network of humans, called Humanity, allows everyone's personal memory to be as exchangeable as email.

The Dust Solution is a science fiction thriller involving a conflict of survival between a team from Humanity running a clandestine experiment in the past and the ripple effects their experiment causes.

John and his team go back in time to complete a secret experiment. Their future tech picks Luke, a local weed dealer, as the best match for their experiment. It then alters the team's memory in hopes of keeping everyone anonymous.

Doc, the local town hero, drugs, kidnaps, and threatens John, but neither of them remember that they're on the same team, and the cops get called.

The whole solar system could be at stake, but those stakes aren't as high as John keeps getting, smoking Luke's weed, and the cops are on their way. Plus, a demolitions expert from the future could strike at any time.

Will Luke buy in to John's intoxicated ramblings? Does anyone even know who they are or the danger they're in? With everyone smoking so much, will anyone make it home alive? Read this book and find out.

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