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The Werewhale Saga



Loving him is all she desires. Running away is not possible. Because to survive, she has to defeat their greatest enemy.

Daughter to the infamous Captain Ahab, Morgan has searched the world's oceans looking for a way to save her family from the dark squid god Kanaloa. Weeks after she and Ishmael barely escaped from the clutches of Kanaloa on a makeshift raft; she is mysteriously transported away. When she awakes in a strange castle on the Black Sea, she befriends her mysterious host, Vlad, and his housekeeper Helena in the hopes of making her way back to Ishmael.Yet despite the distance, Kanaloa still reaches out to ensnare her in a trap hundreds of years in the making. Like a master chess player, the dark squid god has laid out his pieces in the hopes of gaining what he wants the most–his freedom.To defeat Kanaloa, Morgan must use not only her wits but her newly found powers to travel through the dreamline.With time running out, Morgan must sacrifice everything to save the ones she loves. When Kanaloa's great secret is revealed to her, all that Morgan has fought for is at risk. The decisions and sacrifices she makes will not only affect her life but of Ishmael's and the very world itself.

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