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Get Your Guy In 30 Days: A Concise Guide On How To Become Totally Irresistible To Men Must-Read Dating Book For Women

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Young lady, we assume that you are probably quite familiar with the two famous paradoxical statements which are as follows:

“Never judge a book by its cover” and

“The title of the letter explains all its content”

We also expect you to be knowledgeable about the elaboration on each of them, as well as which statement to be implemented the most and in which situations. Regarding this very moment, we believe it is noteworthy to suggest to you to take the first statement into account and to follow its principle throughout the entirety of the time you spend reading guide. 

We are requesting you to do so as we have high expectations of you misunderstanding the context of this guide and misjudging it even before going through the very first page of it. The title may have given you a different or negative impression about the contents of this guide before even reading it.

So, dear reader, by mentioning the Bitch word, we certainly do not impose a strictly literal referral to it, nor a literal elaboration or illustration of its characteristics and peculiarities manifested in real-life. We shall declare to you that we have incorporated such a word for intriguing you towards getting yourself acquainted further with what we mean by it.

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