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Nooks of the Soul

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This work originally were two called "Midnight Voices" and "Poetic Audit". Both written in Spanish. Many poems in those books fell by the wayside when translated into English. It isn't just a selection of poems from two published books, no. I composed verses for this particular work and I'm very happy with the result. For that reason, I thought it appropriate to baptize this new son with a new name. "Nooks of the Soul" alludes to word, which I see as the path, the key that opens the way to the depth of the soul, those nooks that we all have inside and that we usually protect so that nothing and nobody will hurt us. A word, a verse, a sensation that word produces at a certain moment can touch the heart of a lady or soften the rudest knight. On the contrary, a word that hurts closes the door of any heart. That's why the door is green in front cover, because I have hope that my poems open their soul and penetrate to the most intimate part of their being. I'm happy with what I brought here and I hope to share a little bit of those feelings and that happiness with you, dear reader. And if he feels represented or rousing in at least one verse, I'm satisfied.

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