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The Persephane Pendrake Chronicles



9 Mystical Objects to rule Earth’s Magic. A teen witch and wizard chosen to lead the quest. A malicious sorceress pitting all the evil she has to stop them and claim the items for herself.

By the end of this first trilogy, 3 of the Objects have been revealed and captured. Who has what? Each Magical Object has been more and more difficult to obtain. Four more magicals have joined Persy's team, but by the end of the third quest, one has perished and one has turned to the Dark side.
The malevolent Melanthios has been joined by two Dark wizards and one demon - a King of Hell. It’s a fight to the death.
Persephane, Thad and their gang, chosen to protect Raine, the future leader of White Magic are absolutely not accepting conquest. The 9 Objects will be theirs.

And facing dragons, being tossed into multiverse worlds, lethal spells and sub-human beings simply is not enough to stop them. Or is it?
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If you loved Harry Potter, Rick Riordan or Cassandra Clare, you’ll love the books by Lady Ellen..a new author to watch.

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