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Nino: Awakening, #1

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Being born under a bad star, It often happens right? And you will recognize yourself if everything you do turns into desolation for your family and friends, if you have any. 
Nobody looks at you except to make fun of you about your behaviour, because you understand nothing and no one understands you, and besides
you stutter. Your father pulls out his remaining hair and, after a serious event, he's getting upset about you. So he separates of you by sending
you to his brother's house in another country, another world, another life. You think to be at peace and find family hospitality, and wait!  you do wrong, it's even worse. Your only salvation is to escape. 

The unknown can be nice, but escape in the mountain of northern Canada it's less fun. Yet Nino will do it, and there, hang on. All you just read is no longer, we pass from rooster to donkey and from donkey to monkey. The twists are permanent, and you have no idea what is waiting for you. Are you sure you want to continue? I warn you if you start you will not be able to stop, not even to go pee ;-)

From reality to fiction, from adventure to emotion, with the first part drawn from his own life, the Author embarks us in an incredible series of three volumes with multitudes of events. Sensitive and emotional souls will be filled.

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