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V Card | Secrets in the Office ( Book 3 )

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Elizabeth Kinzie is a woman with many secrets. To the world, she's a powerful businesswoman who owns a Beauty Magazine and Blog. But, underneath it all, she's broken and in constant fear of death. She lives a private life filled with, Anxiety, Depression, Flashbacks and the crave to die. With voices in her head telling her to do so, she fights to find something worth living for. Coming from an African family who doesn't believe in Mental Illness, she was forced to hide it away from her strict father. With no one to turn too, she comes face to face with no other than a powerful Real Estate Developer, Davontes Okawmmay.

Davontes fights to find out what's wrong with the woman who gives him the cold shoulder mixed with a sharp tongue he's never seen before. Watching her behavior he notices something about her, she's hiding something and he'll make it his mission to figure out what it is.

A love story so pure that even doves would be jealous. A man will stop at nothing to protect the woman he loves, and that's what Davontes Okawmmay will do.

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