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Shawn Starbuck Double Western 9: The Scorpion Killers / The Tombstone Trail

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The Scorpion Killers

The cruel Mexican General, Jamarillo—the one they call the Scorpion—has been assassinated, and the four young Mexicans believed to have done the deed were led by an American known only as Amigo. But who was this mystery man? Shawn Starbuck has reason to believe it might well be his missing brother Ben, last known to be using the name of Damon Friend. Since “amigo” translates to friend, it is a distinct possibility.But the trail leading to Amigo is treacherous and it leads Starbuck to the Mexican border near El Paso, north to the Rio Grande Valley and the mountains of New Mexico, and on to Dodge City. More than one man will die before the mystery man “Amigo” is revealed.

The Tombstone Trail

Starbuck was en route to the new, booming town of Tombstone when he ran into the girl named Glory, survivor of a stagecoach ambush by Apaches. Forced to protect her, he fights off more Apache attacks before they reach her father’s silver mine and get themselves involved in murder, a generally lawless community, and a deadly attempt by an unknown adversary to seize the mine. Someone seemed determined to drive them away and take over, but who was behind the conspiracy? Not just local outlaws. Someone higher up, someone closer to home. But who? It was up to Starbuck to find out, if he could live that long!

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