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Double Overtime

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When Cassandra Hill lost her fiancé to the war in Afghanistan, she didn't know if or when she would find true love again. But when Brock Hayden, quarterback for the Arizona Miners NFL football team comes into her beauty shop for a haircut, her interest in men is revived. Brock and Cassie share a few dates and she finds herself becoming more and more attracted to him. Then she attends her five-year high school class reunion where she runs into her high school boyfriend. They had been an exclusive couple during their junior year, but then his family moved to another state. Kent soon forgot all about Cassie and broke her heart. But now he's back in town and wants to pick up with Cassie where they left off six years ago. 

He and his live-in girlfriend have parted company, so he comes looking for Cassie. She finds it fun to reminisce with him, but when he tries to put the make on her, she tells him she has a boyfriend and isn't interested in him. This doesn't set well with Kent, and he keeps insisting that Cassie come back to him. Brock isn't pleased when he learns that Cassie has been out with Kent and demands to know just whom she wants in her life—him or Kent. With two men competing for her love, only one will win. Will the two men have a showdown, or will Cassie be able to keep them apart? Which of the two will win Cassie's heart and hand in marriage and her love for life? Read Two for Her Love to find out who will be the happy winner and who will be the tragic loser. 

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