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117 How to create a super wedding ceremony!: Save the Date Wedding Podcast...a wedding magazine for your ears.

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Where do you find the ‘best’ wedding readings…quotes that aren’t being used by every bride and her dog? How do you work on your vows to find your voice, who you really are as a couple? How do you inject some fun into your wedding and really reflect your personality. All these questions will be answered on today’s show, with lovely guest Celebrant Holly Smith. All that and a lot, lot more on the Save the Date Wedding Podcast, the #1 wedding planning podcast! Have a question or comment. I want to hear it! Email me! Visit the Save the Date Store to Support the show Buy a T-shirt or Tote? And spread the Save the Date word! Have you downloaded your free copy of The Save the Date Wedding Podcast Guide to Getting Hitched? What are you waiting for? It's FREE! Follow Save The Date Wedding Podcast onTwitter Become friends with Aleisha on Twitter Join the Save The Date Facebook Community  

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