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Currently unavailable on Scribd

Currently unavailable on Scribd

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The Enchanted Experience – Esoteric Or Mainstream!

The expression "enchanted understanding" has turned out to be synonymous with the expressions "religious experience", otherworldly experience and sacrosanct experience.
A "religious encounter" is an emotional encounter which is deciphered inside a mental parameter of the unseen. The idea started in the nineteenth century, as a barrier against the developing logic of western society. Following the underlying beginnings of the idea of "esoteric happenings" contending that religion depends on a sentiment of the endless.
The idea of "religious experience" was implemented to guard religion against the becoming logical and mainstream. A wide scope of developments from the four corners of the world have fused and affected the rise of the advanced idea of "mysterious experience, for example, the Perennial theory, Transparency of Spirituality, Believers of one and the same Universe, the Religious New Thought, Neo-Vedanta and the Eastern Believer.

Indigenous Afterlife – Under The Milky Way!
A portion of the Australian Indigenous People – The Yolngu, hold steadfastly true of the afterlife involving A Canoe Of The Mystical!

This mystical canoe takes them into the sky where their wondrous island of the spirit world awaits. The Milky Way has a great river along it's edge where campfires glow throughout the sky leading their way home.
Shooting Stars are the signs in the sky letting their loved ones know that they have indeed arrived into their spirit world safe and sound.

Astral Or Energy Travel – Leaving The Body And More Soul Extremities!

Astral Travel, OBEs, NDEs, The Spontaneous Travellers, The Lucid Dream Travellers And The Dreamwalkers etc…

To occupy in the same and one – the Astral Body – freedom of the astral world, yet occupying the same and one physical body we call our own. We transfer our consciousness from our physical body to our astral body. Through these waking hours, yet, our mental consciousness primarily co-exists with the physical state. 

A conscious or unconscious act of leaving the physical, moving about freely, through time, space, afterlife, other worlds, past life and the landscape of the fantastical we call The Astral Sphere.
The OOBE Or OBEs – The Out Of Body Experience. These OBEs – Out Of Body Experiences and Astral Projection (Or Travel) ARE ONE and THE SAME. 

Whatever terminology we choose, Astral Projection, Astral Travel Or Out Of Body Experiences are all the act of our astral bodies leaving the physical. Whether New Age, New Thought, or even The Alchemists and Magicians Of our past, present and future, Projection Of The Astral Body is really what all of this comes down to.

The NDE – The Near Death Experience. Brought about by our both bodies, Astral and Physical, being tricked or confused as to momentarily believing one is in passing. As our astral bodies have and always hold the energy, power and destiny to ultimately outlive our physical counterparts and move on 'prematurely' – causing this well know phenomenon of the NDE (Near Death Experience).

PublisherLucid Being
Release dateJul 19, 2019

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