Escape from Paradise

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Escape from Paradise

Rating: 0 out of 5 stars0/5 ( ratings)
Length: 22 pages14 minutes


Newly promoted, Captain Joe Lofflin ("Demonspawn" - book 2 in the Galaxii Series) and his crew are on shore leave recuperating from their harrowing experiences while marooned in deep space - and their chance encounter with the alien derelict vessel and its sole homicidal resident, the Akx. Meanwhile, the Terran colony of Tremaine plays host to them, and it does so far too efficiently: Joe Lofflin suffers from boredom and wanderlust while awaiting the Mordrake’s eventual reactivation.

Eager to leave the terribly ‘perfect hell’ that is Tremaine, Lofflin passes the time immersed in social pursuits with his boyfriend Dellon – who is also a junior member of his crew - and is introduced to his new Exo at the starship Mordrake’s rededication ceremony. The ship is due to leave on their first assignment soon, the first under Lofflin as Captain... and considering what they'd been through before, the gods only knew what awaited them in the black, mysterious depths of the Omegan Quadrant.
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