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When Jack Met Sally

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Do you remember the movie “When Harry met Sally”? Remember the fake orgasm Sally did in the diner? It’s a classic but there are no fake orgasms in this story.

Jack Newton is a cop. A honest hardworking cop but he has a problem. His beautiful wife is a whore and she’s a whore for black men and she had a black pimp. Officer Newton has a lot to be worried about because it was he who made the meeting between Beth, his wife, and the black pimp possible. He watched as his beautiful wife was part of a devil’s threesome.

Our story starts when Jack met Sally and tells her the story he had never told anyone before. He didn’t know her but for some reason he felt compelled to unburden himself.

As you might expect being it’s a Shooter book, there is a lot of interracial sex. In fact, there is every kind of sex the law and the editors will allow. One on one, two on one, and more on one. There are pimps, madams, and whores galore. The female characters are all beautiful, stacked, hot, and horny. The men are all studs, just like we like our fiction. The characters are flawed, but that’s okay because we all are flawed.

This story is crammed with a lot of bizarre characters such as Slick Willie the baddest pimp in town. There is Brian, Jack’s partner, who turned his wife out to fuck his fellow cops and lost control of her. How about Donk, the super bad biker? You’ll like this story even if you don’t love all the characters.

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