Who Created Us and Why?

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Who Created Us and Why?

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Ever wondered...

why we exist?
what is the point of everything?
why terrible things happen in our world?
if there is life beyond ours?
what happens after we die?
I did.

And I didn't care if it took me forever to find out. I wanted to know. And one day, at my worst, I sat down with a piece of paper and a pen and wrote down every question I wanted answers to. This book is the result.

Crazy? Perhaps. Enlightening? Undeniably.

There are millions of people worldwide who are searching for answers to questions that go beyond the scope of physical reality. They feel stuck in our modern society because they are made to conform to a lifestyle which they feel is inherently wrong and devoid of unity. They also want happiness and freedom without having to be at the mercy of money.

There will come a time where our world is managed for the benefit of everyone and we all have access to basic human needs, without the use of money. However, before that happens there will be a period of great sadness and higher learning.

I believe that the world could be so much better and that everything we cannot see is our true reality. I have never seen the point of institutions or corporations destroying our earth for personal gain. I have never understood why we live in a world where every man is for himself; when the nature of humanity is cooperation. Perhaps you feel the same way?

Who Created Us and Why? – is a channeled book that goes into depth about the mysteries of life, without any religious bias. It discusses our purpose and what is to come. It's a very interesting book filled with words of wisdom and an explanation of everything that matters.

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