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Silent Echoes: Season 1 (A Gayerotica Novella)

98 pages1 hour


Echo The Escort is a 28 year old Gay sex worker who loves his job!
Hired by Politicians, Sports Entertainers, Detectives, Billionaires and more, his job as an Escort is simple, "Be whatever the client wants you to be!".
Echo has worked for the top Escorting Agency in Torne City named 'Somin Agency' for the past ten years and doesn't see himself moving on anytime soon.
But when a fellow Escort is murdered, a horrible truth is revealed and he meets the man of his dreams, Echo might have to make some drastic changes in his life...well assuming he's alive long enough to do so.
This Gayerotica Novella contains strong language and strong sexually explicit scenes NOT intended for younger readers! It's told through the eyes of Echo and reveals a twist in the first chapter, NO ONE will see coming!

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