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B Only. E Only. B & E Only. B, C & D Only. B, C, D & E.

Question : 1 On the assumption that there is no IGP running in AS 65500 and synchronization is OFF, which router in AS 65500 is going to advertise the route to Correct Answer: 4 Explanation: We need to run IGP on AS 65500 to control the exit points from the AS. Normally, IBGP routers do not advertise the IBGP learned route unless it is also in their IGP table, or synchronization is turned off. In this case, since synchronization is turned off Router B will advertise the internally learned route to Router D and C and using IBGP. When router B receives the EBGP route, it will advertise it to all IBGP routers that it has an IBGP peering session established. However, if you look closely you will see that a full IBGP mesh is not established. Router B is only peered with router C and D, not E. Therefore, only Router B, C, and D will install this route.

Question: 2 Synchronization is OFF NO IGP is Running in AS 6550 Which router in AS 65500 is going to end up advertising a route to network Correct Answer: 3 Explanation: Router B learns about the network route via the EBGP session from router A. With synchronization turned off, it will pass this route to all of its fully meshed IBGP peer routers. Although all routers will receive the route, only routers B and E will advertise this route to other routers. Router B will advertise the route to all of the fully meshed IBGP peers, and router E will advertise it to AS 64500.