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Amazing grace

Trad. Amricain


saved grace have word shi 9 C/E

a my al my ning

maz - ing grace that ma - ny Lord has we've been A


How my gers, mised ten

grace, taught dan pro there

was cious has my less -

wretch fears rea hope as C7/E


sweet the heart to toils and good to thou - sand

me! leived come: cure sun

sound, fear snares, mee, years G7/F

That and I His Bright

like re dy Se the

I How This He We've


once pre grace will no 13

lost, did brought sheild days

but that me and to

now grace safe por sing


I'm ap thus tions God's

found pear far be, praise

was The And As Than

but that will as we

blind hours grace long when


i be me en be -

now first lead life first

see. lived. home. dures. gone.

2.Twas 3.Through 4.The 5.When

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