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Escape / Esc

is used in most programs to cancel or stop the current computer operation.

Function Keys
They are used to enter commands quickly.
Their function differs from one program to another.

Three Odd Keys

Print Screen, Scroll Lock, &Pause/Break

Print Screen, (PRT SCN)captures an image of your entire screen (a "screen shot") and
copies it to the Clipboard in your computer's memory. It shares the key Sys Rq w/c
stands for System Request.
Scroll Lock, (SCR LK) in most programs, pressing SCROLL LOCK has no effect. In a few
programs, pressing SCROLL LOCK changes the behavior of the arrow keys and the
PAGE UP and PAGE DOWN keys; pressing these keys causes the document to scroll
without changing the position of the cursor or selection.
Pause Break, this key is rarely used. In some older programs, pressing this key
pauses the program or, in combination with CTRL, stops it from running.

Status Light Indicator

It has lights that show whether the Num Lock, Caps Lock or Scroll Lock is ON or OFF.

AlphaNumeric Keys
The main typing area in the computer keyboard, it has letters arranged like what is in
the typewriter and has numbers above the letters.

Tab key
It is used to move the cursor to the right. It is also used to indent the first line of a

Caps Lock
It is used when you want to type letters in its capital form. Just press the Caps Lock key,
and then type the words. After typing the words, press the Caps Lock again to type the
small letters.

Enter Key
It is used to tell the computer that you have finished typing the data or instruction and
would like to move to the next line.

Shift Key
Is a special key that helps you change small letters to big letters.

Control (Ctrl) and Alternative (Alt)

Used to execute shortcut commands. They are used in combination with other keys.

Application Key
The Application key has an image of a mouse pointer on a menu (between the Alt and
Ctrl keys ( ) to the right of your Space Bar). Depressing this key will display the selected
item's shortcut window. This is the menu that is displayed by right-clicking.

Windows key
Holding the Windows key down and pressing another key will initiate quite a few actions

Home, Depress and hold the Ctrl key as you select Home to go to the first line of a
Page Up, In a browser window use the Page Up key to move up one full screen on a web
Delete, While working with text, use this key to delete characters to the right of the
insertion point. This key can also be used to delete selected files. If you use the
keyboard combination Shift + Delete the item is permanently deleted, bypassing the
Recycle Bin.
End, Depress and hold the Ctrl key as you select End to go to the last line of a document.
Page Down, In a browser window use the Page Down key to move down one full screen
on a web page.

Arrow Keys
They move the cursor up, down, left, and right.

Number Keys, it is a group of keys arranged like the calculator. It has a key named NUM
Lock that allows the number keypad to type numbers.