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Brain Tracy - Million Dollar Habits Brain Tracy

Brain Tracy - Million Dollar Habits Brain Tracy

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Published by: Hengleena on Jul 13, 2010
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In all your interactions with the members of your family, and with others, make it a

habit to practice good manners, to be courteous and kindly with everyone with

whom you interact. There is nothing that will set you apart as a quality person

faster than the habit of being courteous and kindly in every situation.

Million Dollar Habits – Page 253

Always say “please” and “thank you.” Be patient and wait your turn in

conversations. Open the doors for other people when appropriate. Never criticize,

complain or condemn. Attempt to be gracious and friendly with everybody, and in

every interaction. The very best and most respected people in our society are men

and women who make a habit of being well mannered in everything they do. And

you can develop the manners you need by regularly practicing the manners that

you most admire in other people.

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