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Agenda € € € € € € € € € The problem Analysis (Input) Analysis (Output) Data structures The Solution (Backtracking) Tools and Programming languages GUI screenshots Questions Credits Academic Planner 2 .

€ Academic Planner 3 . € Schedule made using lots of restrictions like limitations of doctors free times.The problem Every year the college lectures schedule made by hand and try and error approach. € Making a schedule by hand is a very long and tedious process.

subjects and free times € Academic Planner 4 . € Study placed € Subjects and lecture time € College grades their places and subjects € Study Days in Week € Doctors names.Analysis (Input) Study period every day.

€ Academic Planner 5 .Analysis (Output) The need to print and view schedule on any machine force us to export the schedule to a well known format € Schedule will be exported to an Excel file.

Data Structures Academic Planner 6 .

As we can brute force the units to get available one doctor schedule then build the next doctor schedule upon it. Failure to get a solution in one stage backtrack the process to the previous stage to get the next solution.Solution (Overview) € € € € € A backtrack approach could be taken here. Academic Planner 7 . After completing all the doctors we can find the required schedule We can continue to brute force the stages to get multiple solutions. and not only one solution.

3 schedule1 schedule2 schedule3 Academic Planner 8 .Solution (Diagram) Doctor no.1 Schedule 1 Doctor no.2 schedule1 schedule2 Doctor no.

Tools and programming languages Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition € Visual Basic .Net € Academic Planner 9 .

GUI screenshots Academic Planner 10 .

GUI screenshots Academic Planner 11 .

GUI screenshots Academic Planner 12 .

GUI screenshots Academic Planner 13 .

Questions Academic Planner 14 .

Credits Aya Nageeb (GUI Design) € Emad Elsaid (Processing solution) € Rami Ebeid (Saving and Opening) € Shrouk Husien (Exporting Excel) € Zienab Hamdy ( Data Structures) € Academic Planner 15 .

Thank you Academic Planner 16 .

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