-by ABIJITH(08211A0401) VARSHITHA(08211A04c1)

Power supply Sensor GPS module RS 232 ATMEGA 328 oscillator LCD display GSM module MICRO CONTROLLER Reset RS 232 GSM module 2 .

1uA(pwr dwn) 0.C.Clock frequency : 16MHz Operating voltage : 1.5v Power consumption : 0.D) It has inbuilt comparator .8v to 5.75uA(pwrsav) Temperature Ports : -40`c to 85`c : 3(B. UART and ADC 3 .2mA(active) 0.

5mw : <10 m : UART interface O connector Tracking sensitivity : -159dBm Protocol : NMEA Pin1 of Io connector SMA Connector 4 .Mounting hole Operating Voltage: Power consumption Accuracy I/O connectors 3.3 volts : <111.

Operating Voltage : 2.5v to 4.5v Power consumption Operating temperature : 2.5mA : -20`c to 55`c Sensitivity : -110dBm Voltage regulator Mounting Hole SIM slot 5 .

GSM MODULE It is used to provide communication from one place to other The GSM module consists of mobile station (ME & SIM) The commands that are using to provide communication are AT commands The AT commands specifies the GSM technology and are related to sms services 6 .

Tracking system using Gps.Gsm &Mc 7 .

ADVANTAGES The vehicle which has undergone an accident can be identified by using tracking technology with out any delay An immediate medication can be provided to victims in remote areas DISADVANTAGES The anti GPS tracker disrupter will knock out GPS logging or GPS tracking system which may be operating on a vehicle.using GPS disrupter system will make it very hard for any one to keep tabs on a vehicle 8 .

The advantage is that only one such sensor is enough to sense all the collisions that the car may undergo. 9 .The sensor being used is VGX54C vibration sensor It works in the force range of 10G to 100G.

10 .

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