Many password protection software applications include a password generator. This provides the user with the option to allow the system to assign random characters to usernames and logins. These generators use a combination of case-sensitive letters, numbers and symbols that are mathematically generated to provide the user with the strongest, most-difficult-to-crack passwords. Password generators use encryption algorithms. These algorithms are complex mathematical equations created by cryptologists – people who study the making and breaking of codes. There are only about a dozen different types of encryption algorithms, and only a few have been proven completely impervious to hackers. Government agencies and computer companies alike use these encryption algorithms to protect sensitive information pertaining to national or corporate security.

1. Simply tell the generator your desired parameters (length, phonetics, letters, mixed case, and numbers) 2. It will randomly produce a password that is highly secure and difficult to guess or hack based on an ideal aggregate of the options.

Most of our daily activities are or can be done online with the click of a mouse. We can and do regularly access our bank accounts, pay our bills and shop online. Each of these activities occurs on different websites that each require a username and password. In order to curb hacker attacks, many password management software applications include a password generator that employs one or more encryption algorithms to make user information stronger and harder to hack.

Random Password Generator will be developed as a web application using Java/JSP/JSON and DB2 database. Net Beans 7.1.2 will be used as the IDE for the same. You may consider using a JavaScript framework like jQuery/Prototype/ Scriptaculous.


roseindia. Java Server Pages: O'reilly Media. Hans Bergsten. December 2000 4. 3.2 SUMMARY The project hence basically aims at providing a simple and effective way to make random password by simply entering the relevant Raul F. http://www. REFERENCES 1.Chong Ian Hakes Rav Ahuja Getting_Started_with_DB2_Express_v9. http://jqueryui.1. It is an efficient way of generating random password offline/online with a user friendly environment and interface.7_p4: IBM Corporation.Advanced Java (JSP) IBM DB2 Net Beans 2.TOOLS AND THE LANGUAGES USED Minimum Hardware Requirements: Processor RAM HDD CD-ROM : : : : Core2 Duo 512 MB 300 GB 52x 15 inches VGA Color Monitor 104 Keys Keyboard Minimum Software Requirements: Operating System Coding Language Database IDE : : : : Windows 7 Core Java.html/ 2 .