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Technical Bulletin

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EX-2L_Basil, EX-2L_Coriander, EX-2L_Eco_Basil, EX-2L_Ginger, EX-2L_Paprika Chassis


Software Packages Follow-Up for EX-2L Chassis [REVISION 19] SYMPTOM The latest software package #1741 is valid for the EX-2L_Basil, EX-2L_Coriander, EX-2L_Eco_Basil, EX-2L_Ginger and EX-2L_Paprika Chassis. It has been released to solve the issues below. Issue Hum Noise Coming from Panel Digital TV Tuning Missing Channels DVB-T issue in Denmark TV skips regional services in Denmark (TV2). TV2 is always stored in channel space nr. 4, resulting in one of the following: * 1. TV2 channel region at room no. 4 is not the same as before the change. * 2. TV2 channel region stored several times, but the channel cannot be displayed. Multifeed services not available in digital * For channels using multi-feed services (i.e. Premiere TV + Pay per view channels), the TV set ignores scrambled services (though they can be selected by the customer) and does not store in the tuned database. DVB-C missing mux (Numricable network, France) * Some digital services are missing after doing a quick scan in DVB-C. Country expansion spec change * Implementation required for country expansion to support ComHem (Sweden Cable), Ziggo (Netherlands Cable) and Cable Ready (Finland Cable). CEC SAT HDTV Box wakes TV up after STBY (DE) * Condition: set connected to satellite receiver TDT4U HDTV by HDMI. If the customer activates the wake-up function for specific hours using the menu options, the TV passes from Full STBY to Semi STBY, and the set wakes up by itself. DVB-C VBI Teletext services not available (Nordic) * Hearing impaired Teletext subtitles not displayed when any DVB subtitles are present. Jerky picture motion on OTV service (DVB-T) Character not properly shown in EPG/banner (Portugal) * Some digital services are missing after doing a quick scan in DVB-C. Power Saving Mode reset to Off (DE) after presence sensor operation (DE) DVB-C error 10 * Set goes to error mode (10 red blinks). Problem due to incorrect broadcaster signalling. Incorrect Shop mode validation message in Spanish (Wrong Translation) TB 09TV063 09TV078 IRIS code Section code SFT SFT Rev. R3 R7







1726 C280


R6 R6




C286 C35B 1731 117M C11D /


R6 R6 R6 R6 R6 R7
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Ref. 09TV040 09TV040

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Sony Europe (Belgium) NV Customer Satisfaction Europe Quality & Service Engineering 1/3

2/3 Issue

09TV040R19 TB 137E 1264 1286 1286 D731 Section code SFT SFT SFT SFT PCC Rev. R11 R13 R15 R15 R16

Subtitle not Working (Finland) * Digital subtitle does not work after upgrading the set to PKG 1.570 if second preferred language is empty. Sorting function for Netherlands and Belgium country selection disabled EPG data mixed up (Nordic) * The event title is in the selected language, but the extended EIT information is in different language(s). Program delete function not available in sorting menu (Denmark country selection) Irdeto CAM Cyrillic characters (Ukraine) * Using the DVB-C encrypted signal with a PCMCIA module (Irdeto), all characters are OK except those sent for customer information in the CAM menu. Incorrect aspect Ratio (Hungary) * Hungary DVB-T transmission with customer using AFD (Auto format Definition) code 001: Displayed video picture becomes anamorphic. The TV shows the "16:9" format instead of "4:3". TV crashes while browsing HD Pay services * Using Smit-Cam Pay TV PCMCIA and zapping on HD services, the picture suddenly stops, making it necessary to reset the TV. Slow program change in DVB-T * When using P+/P-, the picture appears but suddenly drops during 2 seconds before reappearing. No power and no sound after powering up from Standby * When the customer puts the set in stby from digital services, there is neither picture nor sound when powering on again. No HDMI audio from BDP in La Sexta IPTV (Spain) * BDP-S570 BD Player using BIVL function with La Sexta IPTV in Spain will output content via HDMI with 1080p and 32k audio sampling rate as default output, resulting in no sound but only picture. Missing EPG extended info for scheduled events (Poland, Czech Republic) * When selecting DVB-T services from 3rd event, only a short description is available. But short description is not included in TS information. The new software version includes long description information. TV hangs up with PBK service (Baltic) * While watching service (PBK) MPEG4 HD encrypted signal and using the Lattelekom PCMCIA card, the TV hangs up. No TXT subtitles (Hungaria) * Broadcaster Antenna Hungaria sends different data for subtitles. The Sony teletext subtitle module rejects the data package. SOLUTION 1. Regular SW update

























To remedy one of the above issues, install the latest software package #1741, using the attached MSImage_*.zip file and following the abridged procedure (9 steps) below. NOTE: For the full update procedure, refer to TB 09TV025. Date July 2010 Model ALL File SW Versions Emma Micro: 2.29.2662 Mimas Micro: 1.311

1. Download and extract the attached MSImage_*.zip file. 2. A folder called eg2l_dvt will be created. Copy the entire folder into the root of the Memory Stick. 3. Unplug the power cord. (Do not use the [Power] key or [Standby] key on the remote commander!) 4. Insert the Memory Stick.

09TV040R19 5. Plug the power cord.


6. Wait for 4-6 minutes, until all LEDs are on. Initially only the green LED is on. Finally all LEDs will be on. The screen stays without picture. 7. Unplug the power cord, and take out the Memory Stick. 8. Plug the power cord. 9. Wait for 3-4 minutes to finish the EMMA resource updating. Normally the TV will reboot when finishing. 2. Main board or panel exchange After exchanging the main board or panel, follow the procedure outlined in TB 09TV025. N After exchanging the main board or panel, choose the appropriate software file as indicated in the table below, depending on the model and whether a standard or silicon tuner is mounted on the BA board. Refer to Technical Bulletin 09TV090 for further details. Refer to TB 09TV069 to differentiate between the two different types of 46V panel. Refer to TB 09TV121 to differentiate between the two different types of 40/46/52Z5500 and 40Z5710 panels. Model 22E53xx 32E55xx 32V5500, -V5610 32W5500, -W57xx 37V5500, -V5610 37W5500, -W57xx 40E55xx 40V5500, -V5610 40WE5 40W5500, -W57xx 40Z5500, -Z5710 46WE5 46V5500, -V5610 46V5500, -V5610 VA Panel 46W5500, -W57xx 46Z5500 52V5500, -V5610 52W5500, -W57xx 52Z5500 Emma NVM STANDARD Tuner / / / Emma NVM SILICON Tuner / Emma NVM QDL Panel

N N /

REVISION HISTORY Rev. R0 R1 SW #1.202 #1303 Date 26.03.09 30.04.09 Rev. SW Date R10 #1570 13.10.09 R11 #1600 19.10.09

R2 #1303 18.05.09 R12 #1600 14.12.09

R3 #1408 19.06.09 R13 #1620 29.12.09

R4 #1409 08.07.09 R14 #1620 20.01.10

R5 #1409 10.07.09 R15 #1700 22.02.10

R6 #1550 22.07.09 R16 #1730 29.04.10

R7 #1570 07.08.09 R17 #1730 06.05.10

R8 #1570 21.08.09 R18 #1741 14.07.10

R9 #1570 30.09.09 R19 #1741 22.09.10