1. what is the utility to change the password of a dba schema in oracle apps? Ans: FNDCPASS 2.

what are mandatory users in oracle apps? Ans: applsys,applsyspub,apps 3. What simplay a oracle Architechture? Ans: Desktop Tier, Application Tier, Database Tier 5. What are the components in the Application Tier? Ans: Apache(http) Jserver(jre) Forms Server(f60srv) Metric Server(d2ls) Metric Client(d2lc) Report Server(rwm60) Concurrent Server(FNDLIBR) Discoverer 6.What are main file systems in Oracle Apps? Ans: APPL_TOP, COMMON_TOP, DB_TOP,ORA_TOP 7. What are there in Desktop Tier? Ans: Internet Browser, JInitiator 8. What is the location of JInitiator in the Desktop Tier? Ans: c:\program files\oracle\Jinitiator 9. What is the location of client cache? Ans: c:\documents and settngs\user\oracle jar Cache 10. What is the location of Server cache? Ans: $COMMON_TOP/_pages 11. Which package will be used for the user validation by plsql agent? Ans: oraclemypage 12. What are adadmin utilities? and Its location? $AD_TOP/bin Ans: 1.adadmin 2.adpatch 3.adsplice 4.adident 5.adrelink 6.adlicmgr 13.What are the location of JaVA Files? Ans: JAVA_TOP and all PRODUCT_TOP/Java/Jar 14. What is the name of the xml file of Apps and its location? Ans: Context Name.xml and $APPL_TOP/admin 15. what is the location of Apps environment file? and its name? Ans: contextname.env and $APPL_TOP 16. In how many way Jar files are generated? Ans: Normal and Force 17. Once Jar files are generated what files get effected? Ans: All Product_top/java/jar files and Two files in JAVA_TOP they are appsborg.zip appsborg2.zip 18. How do you see the files in zip file? Ans: unzip -v 19.How do you generate jar files? Ans: Using adadmin and option 5 20. How do you start the apps services? Ans: $COMMON_TOP\admin\scripts\Contextname\adstrtal.sh apps/appspwd 21. What is the executable to generate jar files? Ans: adjava 22. How do you relink a executable of a product Ans: by relinking option in adadmin or adrelink 23. How do you relink AD product executable? and usage? Ans: adrelink.sh and adrelink.sh force=y "ad adsplice" 24.When do you relinking? Ans: 1. when you miss a executable file 2. When there is a problem with any executable file

3. When any product executable get currupted 25. What is DAD? Ans: It is a file which stores apps passwords in hard coded format. i.e wdbsvr 26.How do you relink OS files and libraries? Ans: using make command 27.What is compile scheman option in adadmin? Ans: This option is used to compile/resolve the invalid objects 28. Where do you get the info about invalid objects? Ans: from dba_objects where status=invalid 29.How do you compile an obect ? Ans: alter object_ type objet _name compile. Eg: alter table fnd_nodes compile 30.How do you see the errors of a table or view? Ans: select text from dba_errors where name='emp_view' 31. How do you see the errors in the db? Ans: show error 32. How do you compile a schema? Ans: using utlrp.sql (location is ?/rdbms/admin/) or going adadmin, compile schema option 33. How do you know how many invalid objects are in specific schema? Ans: select count(*) from dba_objects where status='INVALID' group by owner; 34. How do you know the package version? Ans: select text from dba_source where name='package name' and type='PACKAGE BODY' and rownum<10>/rdbms/admin) 41. How do you load java class to databae? Ans: loadjava 42. What are restart files? and its location? Ans: These files contains the previouse session info about adadmin.. location is $APPL_TOP\admin\sid\restart\*.rf9 43.How do you validate apps schema? Ans: To validate synonyms, missing sysnonyms and all grant. You can do it in adadmin. after validating it iwll produce a report in the location $APPL_TOP\admin\sid\out\*.out 44. How do you enable maintainance mode? Ans: using adadmin or running a script called "adsetmmd.sql ENABLE/DISABLE" (AD_TOP/patch/115/sql) 45.What is APPS_MRC Schema? Ans: It is used for multi language support. To synchronize APPs schema and APPS_MRC 46. How to see the version of a script or form or report or etc? Ans: grep Header adsetmmd.sql or adident Header adsetmmd.sql strings -a GLXSTEA.fmx grep Header or adident Header GLXSTEA.fmx 47.What is the location of adadmin log? Ans: $APPL_TOP\admin\sid\log 48. What are the oracle homes in Apps? Ans: 8.0.6ORACLE_HOME(Dev 6i products) and IAS_ORACLE_HOME (Apache) 49. How do you configure you ipaddress at client side? and server side? Ans: c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts and \etc\host 50. What is the location of Datbase server related scripts? Ans: $ORACLE_HOME\appsutil\scripts\contextname 51. what is the utility to clean the concurrent manager? Ans: @cmclean.sql ( You have download from metalink) 52. How do you stage the 11.5.10 Apps software? Ans: using adautostg.pl 53. What is the location of the source files of forms? Ans: AU_TOP/forms/US/ 54. What is the executable to generate forms?

Ans: f60gen

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